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I’m a freelance writer and musician, with experience in audio production and screenwriting.

The Dark Within Us (Prologue Out Now)

Beat Inside My Soul (Animated Series)

Anomaly (Comic Coming Soon)

Stars and Monsters: Tales (In Development)

Things I’ve Written

My portfolio showcases several works of fiction as well as original music and remixes of others as well.

You can find my content here!

Writing: Wattpad

Music: Bandcamp, YouTube and SoundCloud

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You can contact me through my socials!

Twitter: @syckbeat

Instagram: @syckbeat

The Creative Mind Behind “Stars and Monsters”

I’m working on creating different series for fans that enjoy creative stories that both take you on a journey while also giving you the most entertaining content. I’ve been making music since 2010 and have been writing for even longer. I was always someone who aspired to create, and to tell stories for everyone.

I’ve created over 20 original songs, over 18 remixes of a variety of songs, and 11 EPs of all sorts of songs. I’ve also written several pieces of fiction and other literary works, and am currently working on a novel series, an animated television series, and a comic series. Pretty big fan of all things superhero, all things sci-fi and fantasy, and of course, all things horror.

After all this time, I have finally gotten around to placing all of my original content in one place. All of my writing, both fictional and fan-fictional (some of you will eat that up), and all of my music, both original tracks and bootleg remixes, will be found here on this site.

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